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THE DARLING TRUST is a charitable trust that assists the Darling community by empowering individuals to help themselves, mainly through participation in the sectors of education, skills development and health. In this website you will find details on the work that we do and how you can be involved. Like us on Facebook
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‘Tiletoria West Coast Express’

‘Tiletoria West Coast Express

The fastest Flattest Race in the West came through Darling on the 12 October with over 900 cyclists giving it their all!Thank you to all at THE OUTRIDERS CYCLE CLUB for nominating The Trust as your beneficiary for this year’s race.

The R25, 000 cheque which was raised in aid of The Darling Trust’s projects and education programs, was handed over by Rodney and Michelle Beck in Darling on 18 November.

This contribution makes it possible for us to continue with the programmes and projects currently being run by The Darling Trust, as well as opening doors to new projects.

Thank you to all our volunteers who were up at the crack of Darling dawn to stand ready to receive, direct and water the cyclists on their way through Darling to Mamre and home again.

Your dedication and commitment to this cause is a great asset to our town and community – something to be proud of!!

Our pool is open and sparkling again

With thanks to Swartland Municipality who run and maintain the Darling Community Pool, the doors have re-opened after extensive repair work took place.

Brand new surface, pumps and lawn for the holiday season – on the 14th, 15th and 16th November, entrance was free which goes without saying, the pool was packed!

Thank you Swartland Municipality!

See you all there this holiday!!

24 October 2014 – Dog Show at Darling College

Dear Lloyd and all at Darling College,

On behalf of 60 Evita’s Darlings and their teachers, we can’t thank you enough for yet again considering us in sharing such a special event with us all!

Such an important message rings through to our children in terms of care and respect for our pets around us, and such fun was had by everyone!


The SANA Bursary Committee hosted a successful fundraiser evening with Mrs Evita Bezuidenhout at the Kelvin Grove Club, Newlands (Cape Town) on 8 August 2014

Everyone was thoroughly enthralled by Tannie Evita and over R180 000 was raised for the SANA Bursary Fund.

The Bursary committee generously contributed of the funds raised, towards our outreach programmes – Thank you SANA and Keith Kirsten!

Keith Kirsten & Tannie Evita HANS HETTASCH from Arnelia Farms, Tasha St John-Reid - The Darling Trust, Keith Kirsten, Anna Cleophas - The Darling Trust : an evening with Tannie Evita in aid of the SANA Bursary....
Get one of Tannie Evita's cookbooks and impress your guests at the dinner table
while contributing to The Darling Trust

If the road to reconciliation run through a country’s belly, Evita’s Kossie Sikelela cookbook provides its recipe for peace. She invites the whole country, the whole world to her table where everybody can feast on dishes like green bean bredie and cumin chicken with sweet potatoes. Who’ll be able to moan and groan between mouthfuls of walnut balls and pampoenkoekies, or baked apple clowns? Truly, there’s nothing like a generous helping of rabbit in red wine or guinea fowl with sultanas & hanepoot to bring forth brotherly love.

And liewe aarde, you will definitely want to be best friends with the orange trifle and Tannie’s melktert. Evita is always well prepared and includes recipes for diabetics and vegetarians, Halaal and Kosher dishes, and even recipes to keep as fit as she does.

Whether she entertains her grandchildren, caters for a picnic or plans a Christmas menu, Evita cooks up a storm.
Richly illustrated by artist Linda Vicquery, the expert behind the dishes.

Also included: many photographs of Evita and a preface by none other than Sophia Loren. Unfolded, the dust jacket is a laminated full-colour poster.

Also available in Afrikaans as Evita se Kossie Sikelela.

Evita's Kossie Sikelela (Umuzi) costs R175 including VAT and is available from selected leading bookshops as well as Evita se Perron.

All royalties go to The Darling Trust

Evita — acclaimed chef and icon of the nation — presents her recipes for delicious dishes gathered on travels in South Africa and around the world.
From the Cape to Limpopo, the West Coast to our president's home province, come divine platefuls: guineafowl with prunes, potroasted quail, quince bredie and orange duck. Pofadders, oxtail and even sweet and sour warthog.

Evita reinvents old favourites, and deliciously prepares veldkos — who would have thought of waterblommetjie chicken or dandelion salad for the dinner table?

Each recipe has been tested and vetted, and they're all ridiculously easy to make.

My liewe aarde, just paging through the book is a mouth-watering experience, with all these pictures taken on her visits. First there was Kossie Sikeleta, now there is Bossie. A new culinary front hits your table.

Evita's Bossie Sikelela costs R175 including VAT and is available from selected leading bookshops as well as Evita se Perron.

All royalties go to The Darling Trust

We are ever grateful for the support of each and every valued funder and contributor:
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